Celebrity Prayer Candles: An Origin Story

Celebrity Prayer Candles was started when a birthday gift was needed for a girl named Ashley with a ridiculous sense of humor who loved Beyonce and Kanye West. Paul, the founder of Celebrity Prayer Candles really liked this girl Ashley and knew he had to make an impression at an upcoming party for her. So he got to work asking her friends other gift ideas she liked. One of her friends suggested that he get her a candle. Every girl loves candles and you can't mess that one up, but Paul knew that just a candle was not an awesome enough gift to make the impression he wanted. So he got to work thinking of unique and funny gift ideas. With the knowledge of her obsession with Beyonce and Kanye West and the candle gift idea from her friends a light bulb went off. Why not make celebrity candles with her favorite celebrities Beyonce and Kayne West on it! He had no idea how he was going to make the celebrity candles, but his adoration for her was going to force him to figure it out.

Paul started looking for candles online to get some ideas for her gift when he stumbled across a Catholic prayer candle with a saint on it. That was the moment her realized this was the perfect funny gift he was looking for, but how could he replace the saint with Kanye and Beyonce? It was going to require some creativity and some custom work. So he got started trying to figure out how to make these celebrity prayer candles.

First, he needed the prayer candle. So, after looking around at different candle options he finally found a prayer candle that did not have any saint on it. Next, he needed a way to put each celebrity on the candle. Paul found the most funny pictures of Kayne and Beyonce he could online. Then Photoshopped them to look like the saint candles but with a celebrity face on it. After hours trying to figure out Photoshop he was finally able to create the saint celebrity image that was going onto the candle, but how was he going to get the image onto the candle?

Time was running out and he need it quickly, so he took the celebrity saint candle images to Alphagraphics to see if they could print them onto a high-quality sticker. They were able to print a sticker, but just a sticker on a candle was not the final answer. It needed to be top notch, high quality. So he figured out a way to adhere the image and seal it to the prayer candle so that it looked like it had been created by a divine entity. Which became the secret sauce.

The day of the birthday arrived and Paul finished making both celebrity prayer candles just one hour before the party. He wrapped, boxed and bowed up his gift and was on his way. At the party Ashley received many awesome gifts from friends, but when she opened Paul's gift, she erupted in laughter. So much laughter that tears streamed down her face. She showed everyone at the party what she was laughing so hard about and everyone at the birthday party began laughing too. They actually didn't stop laughing the rest of the night.

Ashley was so impressed by her Kanye and Beyonce celebrity prayer candles gift that she started to text Paul more and more. At the same time Paul was getting texts from random friends asking if he could make them candles of their favorite celebrity. When the texts from friends asking about the celebrity candles kept rolling in, Paul knew this might be something bigger. So he started making the celebrity prayer candles from his home and giving them as gifts or selling them to friends.

As more and more celebrity prayer candle orders came in, Paul knew he had to setup an online store. So he build a website, setup Etsy and Amazon store and began selling.Β 

β˜… Celebrity Prayer Candles is now the number one seller on Etsy and Amazon

β˜… We have been featured on sites like BuzzFeed

β˜… Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have personally ordered candles of themselves for a Jessica's birthday party

β˜… We have been on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

β˜… Paul eventually scored Ashley too and they have now been together for over 3 years :)

Celebrity Prayer Candles now has almost every celebrity imaginable from Post Malone to Bill Murray to Harry Styles to Kim Kardashian. We believe that everyone has a favorite celebrity, musician or political figure and we want to have a funny candle for everyone!


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